Numu Tracker Beta Build 28 Release Notes

I’m closer to release than ever before! All I need is for PusherSwift to get updated to Swift 4.0 and I could put the finishing touches in place. How exciting!

* New user experience is much improved: All Releases tab works as it should even without an account. “Sign Up / Log In” prompt only displays when accessing account-only functions, like attempting to Listen to a release, Follow an artist, import artists, and so on. Technically you can sort of use the app without ever signing up, if you just want to look at the global releases and upcoming lists, or browse artist releases only by searching.

* New “Your Account” screen shows statistics about your account! Super cool.

* Logged out and new user filters are set to Album and EP only by default. Registered users can turn on / see additional release types.

* Informative labels on empty views explaining what will be there, or what you should do to fill the tables with information (like “Follow artists!”).

* Re-wrote “Instructions” screen.

* Normal release views now sort by date, then artist name. (Formerly sorted by date, then release title.) Artist-specific release views still sort by date, then release title.

* Overall UI improvements.