Numu Tracker 5-star Reviews!

Numu Tracker has started getting some five star reviews. I’m super happy, and it makes me feel really validated that I thought I would be able to make this app right, in a way that wasn’t antagonistic to the user in any way. Here’s some quotes.

A must have for Apple Music

This has been the missing piece from Apple Music for me. I get notifications every time a new artist I follow releases new music. Instead of just hoping I find it in passing, this makes sure I know. It’s super reliable and easy to use. So happy with it.

Super reliable! 🙂

100x Better than…

Record Bird. Love the fact there are a variety of alerts, clean interface and my FAVORITE feature is you click on more songs by x artist!!! Can’t wait to see what new updates come.

Awesome 🙂 Best compliment I could receive.

Shines as a music reminder service

What’s really interesting and unique about this app is the ability to keep a list of music you intend to listen to, but haven’t yet. For me this has always been a distinct hole in my music listening workflow with no clear or easy answer—I don’t always want to add an album I’d like to listen to to my library, and when I do anyway because how else will I remember it, my library tends to become an unproductive mess.

This app lets you “follow” artists; when you do this, it adds all their albums and EPS to the to do list, which you can mark off manually, and when the artist releases a new piece of music it notifies you. While there have been plenty of apps that do allow notification of new music, a list of music I’d like to try that I haven’t yet is brand new and extremely useful for me.

I hope future iterations of this app leans into its unique to do list feature. What I’d really like to see is being able to add individual albums to the to do list; I’d also love to be able to Share an album or artist from Apple Music to NuMu to add it to my to do list. centering the app design on the personal to do list rather than the useless global to do list would also be a step up for me.

This is a really well done beginning to this app and I’m excited to see where it goes in the future. Not perfect yet but a great start.

Love it! I really thought that what would make Numu unique is the “to-do list” aspect of it. I’m glad that other people appreciate that and see that as a selling point.