Numu Beta Build 27

Numu has a new Log in / Sign up launch screen! It’s fancy! If you’re already logged in, please go to Settings -> Your Account -> Log Off to test it.  If you want the full new user experience, please Log Off and then force close the app (from the app switcher) and relaunch it.

You can also now Follow and Unfollow artists from the Artist-specific Releases screens.

I also changed the artist screen to show a percentage of their library that you’ve listened to (by your filters). I think it’s a more effective way to represent how far you have to go on an artist.

I believe I made some other little refinements to the app in order to make it friendlier to a brand new user. It’s not perfect, but we’re getting there.

Hopefully in the next beta, push notifications will be back in and working.

Please also check out the Numu Tracker WEBSITE version at … same Numu Tracker app functionality, but in mobile website form. Also looks nice on desktop. Super beta version with no snazzy features at all though, fair warning.