Numu Beta Build 26

This is the first beta build created under iOS 11 beta. If you cannot download or install it on iOS 10, I apologize. Install the iOS 11 public beta, it’s great.

I had to wipe all user accounts and listening data. I apologize. I did perform a fairly major overhaul of the database structure to improve performance in the app. In the process I switched the user login system over to using email addresses instead of usernames, which makes more sense and avoids confusion with people forgetting their usernames. I apologize, but you’ll need to re-register your account and import your artists again. I’ll never do a full data wipe in the future, so you’re safe from here on out.

The “Your Arists” screen now allows you to search the entire Numu database for artists and follow them at-will. There are still some refinements to be made here–for example: the only way to follow or unfollow artists is to swipe left on the search screen, I need to add a button to the main Artist release view to follow / unfollow the artist; there’s no on-screen indicator notifying you that you’re following an artist or not, the website version solves this problem but adds an extra layer of confusion in its implementation.

I had to temporarily remove push notification support because PusherSwift doesn’t support Swift 4 yet, and I’m not smart enough to figure out how to convert it myself.

I decided to remove references to Spotify as well as the Last.FM Artist Import menu option. I have a few reasons for doing this. First, I don’t use Spotify, so I don’t care. Second, they don’t have a Swift library, and I don’t care to figure out how to have Objective-C libraries in my Swift project, so it was always going to have to be a web interface that handled it. Third, the Spotify link grabber stopped working, so I took that as a sign. Fourth, it’s more important that I get the app out in a way that works really well initially, and catering the app toward Apple Music users is a way to ensure a positive user experience. I’m sure when I release the app there will be people calling for Spotify support and I can add it back in later. In the meantime, the website version will eventually support Spotify and Last.FM artist import, I promise you, and then it’ll make it into the app.