Best Albums of 2016: #1, Jeff Rosenstock’s “WORRY.”

With every listen it only becomes more clear to me that Jeff Rosenstock’s “WORRY.” is the soundtrack to my slowly-progessing thirties. It’s an album about getting old (but not as fast as everyone else, it seems), being scared (of living in a society where every feeling you have is already commoditized, packaged and waiting for somebody’s dollar), wanting and finding love (maybe in spite of yourself), and being angry (about our propencity for amplifying ignorance and fear). There’s a song for everything I have felt so far and have yet to feel.

What helped the positioning of some of the bands in my Top 10 were their incredible live performances, but I haven’t seen Jeff Rosenstock live. It doesn’t matter, because his songwriting is so true to life that it just blows away everything else I’ve heard this year. Songs like “To Be A Ghost…” and “The Fuzz” feel like they were pulled from my own side. They stand on their own, walk around pelting me with wisdom, becoming good friends I’ve always known but had never met before.

I’m so tremendously thankful for all the wonderful music I have experienced this year, but I can’t help but feel a little more thankful for the wonderful words Jeff Rosenstock has put into my head, for the intensity and passion that imbues the voice they’re sung in, and the headbanging feel-good punk tunes that support the whole thing.

You can download “WORRY.” for free from Rosenstock’s own site, but you really ought to donate if you do. You can also buy WORRY. on Bandcamp. Here’s links to WORRY. on Apple Music and on Spotify. You can also stream WORRY. on YouTube, if that’s what you’re into.